Monday, March 25, 2013

New year.New projects.New modivation

Hello, this journal has been silent as it has beena rough year. I moved back from New Orleans (the most dangerous place I have ever lived. Ever.) I made and lost some new friends; healed old wounds, earned some new scars. I have had one of the most eventful years of my entire life. And with all of this I have found new motivation. I have decided to stop procrastinating on so many things and run full force at projects I have been putting off for literally years. Maybe it was a sense of worry, perhaps it was a fear of failure/success, perhaps it was a manufactured vision that I simply do not have the time to complete everything I want to get don in or on any sort of manageable time frame or by a deadline. I have entered a contest (and won) a spot in the Wizards of the coast contest posted 2 months ago. The contest was to rework a classic piece of art from a list of moduales. Once reworked (and if my art was chosen) my art was to be included in an updated new hardcover edition collection of the Moduals. Well in July or August it goes to print! I am included this is the artwork below: I have started reworking Worlds of Ether, my larp system that I have already ran for a few seasons, but I felt it needed reworking. I have a good friend working on the project with me and we have already begun to streamline the system while allowing for more player options as well. The final project will be nearing completion in the early fall I am expecting and will be getting a playtest at that time. I plan of saving money and running a series of games next year (perhaps a entire season if possible) I have begun working on a new tabletop RPG (ie. pen, miniatures, Paper, snacks, friends, dice) which I am already making progress on , and I expect that I will have the game nearly complete by summer's end as well. I am planning several rounds of play-testing as well as a big Kickstarter campaign in most likely September!Keep posted for further details. The features of the game will be a fast yet robust combat system, magic, a dozen unusual races, an all inclusive hard cover book with artwork and everything you need to play the game included (except for dice... maybe that will be one of the Kickstarter awards...) My comic has had some progress but every once in a while I am reminded the price of procrastination and some one had a very similar concept to mine AGAIN, so I have made new changes and soldier on, I am looking forward to working on the comic as a back burner at a slightly less breakneck speed to the writing projects. Assorted art projects, commissions and the like round out my upcoming projects.

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