Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh, the many nerdy things.

Falling Iron races towards the beta-test (in most ways it is ready to play and nearly complete!) The game itself is ready to go, with the only things remaining to do: add more to the 40+ page players guide/setting, a few minor details here and there, the dreaded Copyright process, which I have been and writing the legal-ese or the non-compete and non disclosure agreements; after which points I am hoping to have a robust beta testing period (lasting between 3 and 5 months) The game will also have an expansion once the beta is finalized and the game moves closer to the final version. This expansion will have more religions, more magic, more monsters, several more classes, races and details with which a player can tweek their character, etc. It has been difficult to not rush forward, begin illustrating/ finding artists,add the expansion rules,etc. My main concern is a playable, FUN game with cohesive ideas/rules/concepts, that longtime role playing fans can appreciate and new players can pick up and easily enjoy. The system is one of a divergent complexity. If a player wants to try simple combat maneuvers and attacks- the rules are there. If a different player wishes to improvise, the Loremaster (the person running the game) has the tools to allow for complex improvisation without the hindrance of a mountain of rules and rolls in the way. All while giving the player the ability to alter their difficulty with the Dice system. I am excited to see this game spring to life. The setting, is already a great source of stories I am readying for future releases. Mini adventure arcs, that Loremasters will be able to add to their own campaigns. More on Falling Iron coming soon! (ps. I am looking to create a webpage for the game starting very soon anyone have suggestions on webmasters, hosting, etc?)