Saturday, November 21, 2009

Death of OCT, Rebirth in NOV.


Yep, once again I have pledged that I have re-re-re-begun my comic, and I have even started some pages. I have scrapped many of the old concepts as I have stated before (f-ing 'Heroes'- love the show but the writers seem to hear what has been in my head for years now.) and decided to go with the newer concept I have had for a while.
-I will be posting pages very soon. Anyone know of a good program for inking comics?
oh and I bought a drafting table just for this project as motivation- it was cheap but it is awesome!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Short update

Working on new designs for costumes and reworking villains and some future plotline ideas. Not much other than that Ill be posting a lot of work in the next few days to Deviant art and I will link the images here.

Until then

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restarting that ole engine

Dear readers,

Let me begin by saying hello, I figure you may have given up on this blog but I will attempt to make up for the lack of activity as of late (and far reaching as probably last winter)It would be disingenuous to attempt to say that my year thus far had been a boring one. It has not been. It has been a strange series of twists and uncomfortable turns. None-the-less I find myself once again faced with fall and soon a winter with which I must contend .

Once again, I feel confident that I have a story to tell. One that has more bits of my own mental/emotional/neurotic/ and perhaps even psychotic history and personality blended into it. One of heroes all too human and flawed, but at once working with classic themes derived from early comics. Like I had written long ago I want to create a mixture of an idealistic golden age/and the smutty, vice ridden Bronze age of comics. Like a mixture of Johnny Quest/Superman/Batman/early avengers and Eighties Xmen/Hellblazer/Legion of Super-Heroes.

Again with the advent of NBC's "Heroes" the story I had worked up has once again to modified, but I look at it as a challenge to a)finish asap and b) push myself to come up new and unique/strange/fun/"cool" pro/antagonists.

Let's see how I do. I believe I need to set a night that I will be up dating these blogs. Perhaps, Wedsnesday will become my write "the Progress of my Comic" night... whatd'ya think?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Final stage of design

I have redesigned more than a few of the characters for this book. The villains got another ally, the heroes gained a new "frenemy". Titan II is in the process of getting a final rework.

The overarching storyline is finalized and I am adding a person to the writing team. He will be handling the dialogue mainly. He is a published Sci-fi writer and a good friend.

Again I am sorry I am not on here more often, real life has become very complex (by my own design) and gets in the way of a great many things.

I promise as soon as the characters are copywritten and trademarked I will post some panels!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sorry Lads and Ladies

Sorry for the departure from the pace I was at with this blog. I really did mean to get things going a little sooner, BUT with that said, if all goes well over the next couple of days I will be working on this as well as my comic far more often. There are big surprises on the horizon. And as soon as I can say I will.

As for the comic I reworked a few details that have not been revealed as of yet in the story so far. (many ideas are too close to major media Heroes, Push etc.)I am happy with these changes as they have caused the story to go in its own direction, and it is now more coplex and diverse. The characters added have been more multifaceted and the ones taken away far too terrestrial, too bland.

The story is growing and becoming a richer version of my original vision, and I hope through a series of rewrites I can fine tune it to exactly what I want before starting the pencils again.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A new year.

Well, since the holidays are finally over; I will be resuming work on my comic book. To give a little heads up I have 30 pages penciled. I am hoping to get 50 pages finished before I start inking.
Can't really say there is a lot that is noteworthy as of late. The holidays have a tendency to halt momentum of creative or new endeavors.
There is all kinds of wild things going on around the world. Israel and Gaza have irrupted into violence again. Celebraties are getting pregnant or if they happen to be old they are dying. A new year, a year of new possibilities.

Look forward to scans of the first few pages soon.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So I am working a new job, so I will be making posts a little less often (this week has been light, due to the stacked up holidays)

I will return tomorrow with more fun news about the graphic novels progression as well as so big news about another porject!