Monday, March 25, 2013

2012 Year of the Nerd part 1

So 2012 was a nerdy nerdy year with: Avengers,
Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter,
The Amazing Spiderman,
The Dark Knight Rises,
The Hobbit,
cabin in the woods
All coming out in theaters, so much nerdiness was on display. Joss Weadon is the writer/co writer AND director to two of the movies on the list.
Avengers was a great movie, allowing people not into comics to be brought in to the Marvel universe. I, as many nerds have stated, have some problems with the movie (errors and story elements that were odd- for example Thor who is exiled/seperated from earth in his own film is now suddenly without very much explanation sent to earth in a "oops I forgot there is a way to get there moment in which Odin sends him back (off stage) without any real explanation as to why he hadn't 'allowed" Thor to come back to his "lost" love... etc) never the less I thought the movie over all was pretty great.
Abe Lincoln was not thought provoking, but it was funny. I do think the mini movie they made for the book release was more interesting, and the book I hear was vastly superior in every way to the movie.
Brave was awesome. See it. Favorite 3 seconds is the first time you are told the back ground of the villian and they show a brief shot of his "form" neat.
The amazing spiderman. I loved it and thought it was superior in many ways to the drivel of the last series. Doc Connors!?! Kick ass. I think the series may take a beating critically with the next installment with Jamie Fox playing Electro. Argh. Could be abyssmal.
Dark Knight Rises. Yes Bane is a little hard to understand the first viewing. I don't care. Yes there is a huge part of the movie unexplained.(ie. how Bruce gets back to Gotham)Yes the final moments of the bomb make no sense. Nut this is a movie about a guy that flies around in a costume dressed as a bat, fighting other mental degenerates dressed as weirdos in an imaginary verison of the world were superheroes exists. Suspend your disbelief. Awesome movie
Paranorman, a movie based on Salem ma. Literally. They couldnt get permission to say salem so they based the movie there and changed the name. Cool animated movie.
Cabin in the woods is not what you think it is If you ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer show, and I know some of you did, this movie is so much like Buffy I thought there may be a cameo.
The Hobbit. 'Nuff said.
Young Avengers "Children's crusade"
Masks & Mobsters
Avengers vs Xmen
Hawkeye is great and new, and fun.
Daredevil is rumored to be the second best this past year sadly I missed it and I plan to read it asap.
Batman Court of The Owl was amazing. The Joker storyline is brutal.
Young Avenger's graphic novel Childrens crusade is amazing. Artwork and writing are perfect.
Batwoman the first arc writing and artwork are top notch
Npc. Only read one issue and desperate for the indy comic's writer/artist to put out another. Sleeper hit with only 1 ish.
Masks and mobsters. Early crime fighting rad!
Avengers vs. Xmen. Holy crap, did you see that? Oh my god did you see that? He did what!?! Oh my god! Yep this one is a must
As a side note: I discovered an article that makes me realize the story I was working on for my comic has too many similarities to a already-in-print-so-you-waited-too-long-Ray comic called -"Manhattan Projects"
Comics coming out in 2013 that already look amazing... Brian Wood's New all female XMEN! New Sandman Holy shit Amanda convinced Neil to write new SM stuff!
Age of Ultron- looks like it coulc be totally amazing ( I love ULTRON)
Multiversity (Grant Morris has been promising this for some time...I know what it is like to keep on track Grant, Keep it up)
Hellblazer is ending! Holy shit NO! well hopefully there is a huge... um.... blaze of glory!
Keep posted guys!

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