Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh, the many nerdy things.

Falling Iron races towards the beta-test (in most ways it is ready to play and nearly complete!) The game itself is ready to go, with the only things remaining to do: add more to the 40+ page players guide/setting, a few minor details here and there, the dreaded Copyright process, which I have been and writing the legal-ese or the non-compete and non disclosure agreements; after which points I am hoping to have a robust beta testing period (lasting between 3 and 5 months) The game will also have an expansion once the beta is finalized and the game moves closer to the final version. This expansion will have more religions, more magic, more monsters, several more classes, races and details with which a player can tweek their character, etc. It has been difficult to not rush forward, begin illustrating/ finding artists,add the expansion rules,etc. My main concern is a playable, FUN game with cohesive ideas/rules/concepts, that longtime role playing fans can appreciate and new players can pick up and easily enjoy. The system is one of a divergent complexity. If a player wants to try simple combat maneuvers and attacks- the rules are there. If a different player wishes to improvise, the Loremaster (the person running the game) has the tools to allow for complex improvisation without the hindrance of a mountain of rules and rolls in the way. All while giving the player the ability to alter their difficulty with the Dice system. I am excited to see this game spring to life. The setting, is already a great source of stories I am readying for future releases. Mini adventure arcs, that Loremasters will be able to add to their own campaigns. More on Falling Iron coming soon! (ps. I am looking to create a webpage for the game starting very soon anyone have suggestions on webmasters, hosting, etc?)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A geek with $15.00 walks out of a Comic store with nothing

First things,first: Progress on falling iron marches onward. The last few steps before beta playtesting can be readied (materials printed, groups signed up and ready to play) is finishing the descriptions of the last dozen spells and the descriptions of the talents, and to make quick start characters (gear, beginning stats etc). After the beta I am going to be reaching out to artists to work on the project, with me. So, soon my friends. Soon. Okay onto the reason for the title of this entry. I walked into a comic store today. A massive one. It is one of the largest in the region. The amount of titles is mind boggling. Yet, as I stood there looking at these titles, hopeful to find a new title, or a long running one to perhaps begin a subscription for something new, exciting, well written and well drawn. I did not find anything that fits that. I found the art lacking on nearly every title, save for a few standouts, such as Thor (they started off strong, but after the first 6 issue arc the art and writing fell short) Tom Strong, well written and amazing artwork abounds.) Titles like Moon Knight look horrible, as do the new Spiderman title and Wolverine. The art work is HORRIBLE. I mean I believe in a variety is good for comics, but the art in these titles is so poor that it is hard to get into the story. Have we passed through an age of great stories and great art? It seems so. I am willing to take suggestions; but as a lifetime comic-book geek, walking out of the store, I felt sad.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Falling Iron- Playtest approaches.

As I near the point at which I can release test materials for play-test groups I once more am looking at what I have here and I am so very excited and proud, even at the unfinished skeletal version of the game. I am excited to release materials and get feedback, I am also so tempted to work a bit longer and release a 80% version of the rules and setting, but I know it is better to hold a little back and keep some materials for the second round of Beta. I simply cannot wait for the day I can be sitting at a table running the first official game. I have more than a few outlets to have official release parties! Please share this blog with anyone that you feel may be interested

Friday, February 21, 2014

Falling Iron moving forward!

Falling Iron continues to march toward completion (at least to a point I can honestly say is ready for playtesting.) Skills, Talents, spell list and the monster list are all that truly remain before I can get the playtest materials prepared to send out to groups. The setting is nearly fully fleshed out. Once the playtest materials are completed I ill be fleshing every thing out even more. And finally the last step will be the Artwork. I will be doing the lion share and I think I am going to be hiring some people to do some additional pieces for the game's final version. I also will be putting together a kickstarter campaign as well.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Falling Iron. Setting teaser. first draft.

Falling Iron is a fantasy game. The genre is as bold and varied as the imaginations of those involved. Included is a setting called Aern. "Aern is a world with both kindly and treacherous Gods, legendary Heroes, myths and legends, customs, dark empires and just kingdoms. Cataclysms and disasters have shaped this world. Wars great and small have pockmarked its history. Dark forces always just at the edge of the light, wait to overtake the world. Monsters dwell in secret lairs, with gnashing claws and champing teeth. False prophets, poisoned princes and a thousand thousand other things wait to test your mettle." The setting can be used as the standard Falling Iron game world, or as a guide with which Loremasters can create their own fantastic world of adventure for their friends to explore. Strange and fantastic landscapes of imagined worlds, or twisted versions of our own world in a time forgotten long ago, all could be host to the tales told.