Sunday, October 20, 2013

First rough description of the game. (sans description of the setting, waiting for copywrite)

Falling Iron is a tabletop RPG; much like Dungeons and Dragons,Worlds of Darkness, Burning Wheel, Pathfinder, etc. It is meant to immerse the players in a fantasy world; even with storytelling as the emphasis,a gritty, fast paced combat- using fluid combat and magic mechanics are included in the system. The rulebook will include everything a small group of players need to play, from the step by step character creation rules, (allowing players to make a extremely customized character, or a quickly built character to play in an impromptu game with friends) A full list of skills and talents, to further customize player characters. The rules for the players are light, stream lined and fun. Falling Iron uses a d10 system unique and easy to learn dice system which allows players to have more control of their rolls than other RPG systems. The rule book will have a section for Loremasters (those that run the game) with suggestions on play style, mood, setting, encounter and experience tables,etc. A group of players and a loremaster can use the Falling Iron setting included, or the Loremaster can use the rules to create their own world filled with adventure, strange monsters, daring deeds, heroes and villains. With 11+ races, 4 major classes with 13 sub-classes, dozens of skills and talents, 11 schools of magic and more players are able to create the character they want to delve deep in ancient ruins, hunt monsters through haunted forests, to lead a rebellion against an evil tyrants, become a legend. Included are rules for combat, magic, experience, movement, travel, survival, encounters and more to allow the Loremaster the tools to create cities, kingdoms, worlds. A Bestiary completes the book, giving the Loremaster creatures and villains to challenge the party with, haunt ancient keeps, to populate cites with and armies to overcome. The game is intended for 2 or more players ages 13+

Falling Iron, Worlds of Ether, The Acolyte and Schedules

So for years now I have been trying to avoid the obvious: without deadlines I get distracted by any shiny thing that crosses my path. It is not so much procrastination as much as a mix of ADD/worry of failure/and sheer lack of confidence that my ideas hold merit or validity. With that being said I am going to try to set some goals, some will be short term goals some a little farther out. List of Goals (aka demands on my self. Note: these goals are able to be surpassed, but must not be missed, to achieve a modicum of success) - at least 1 page of pencils on the Acolyte, per week (with the goal of 34 pages- working towards at least 1 finished issue) - falling skies spell list and Talents list done before November 15th, 2013 -world of Ether Retooling (version 3) finished by Feb 15th - 1 progress report of better yet Blog about something I have read/review of a movie, comic, art showing, album per week here on this blog. I have 11k+ views on this page anD still only 11 readers, doesn't seem possible. ~R

Thursday, October 3, 2013

After a long Hiatus, Updates and news...

It has been a long time and over the course of using this tool, "blogger", I have learned more than a few things. Firstly, and most importantly, it is difficult to keep up with a Blog. Now, that seems obvious, but it now has become apparent to me that people that do them often and consistently have a massive amount of will power aimed at doing said blog, or absolutely nothing else to do. My life gets in the way all the time, and I do not have nearly as much to do as many others that run these. Perhaps there is also something to be said if it is a hobby, or something else motivates the writer. This is of course not taking the blogs attached to or entirely making up a job. Anyways, with that being said, here is what I have been up to for the better part of a year: -Left one studio, (sadly)only to join another (yay! new studio and gainful employment continuing)! -Comic on Hiatus while story is again reworked. argh. -work on a new Tabletop Roleplaying game system called Falling Iron (working title) nears test phase! -work on reworking of Larp system continues, albeit slower than originally thought and planned. - watched many many movies (which perhaps I will give my thoughts on at a later date) -got frustrated but continued to watch politics with baited breath. -continue to run 2 table top games So yep. Still working on art and music, and more but I'll write more asap.