Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comics, Movies, Pop culture references and more!

So it has been quite some time since I wrote a journal entry on here that wasn't a one line self contained apology for not writing more. This is now going to be a much more used way of expressing myself. I am going to try for at least one entry each week if not more.

I have the final arch worked out for the comic/mythical entity I have been struggling with for years.

I have pared down the story, worked over the rogues gallery, picking and choosing the best (I can muster)storylines and with any luck I can stay on target. Words of encouragement and critique are welcome. I hope to increase readership, and therefore increase the number of voices, heard.

I have read, watched and enjoyed so much nerdy,From comic adaptations, old school Japanese super hero show/movies. I have also reread a scifi adaptation of the Illiad, I enjoyed the Jeff Smith retelling of the Capatin Marvel (Shazaaam!)comics, read articles on self publishing (yeah I know I am getting ahead of myself), watched the episodes of many web series including Mercury Men! (awesome), read science books, historical fiction, as many of the old xmen issues as I could. OH and i nearly forgot I need to get going on this comic as I already have an idea for a fantasy-comedy comic plot and some sketches for the next project!!!

I also am learning more about Voodoo, magic, spiritualism. I have moved nearly 2000 miles from Salem, Ma. to NOLA. Dangerous city, wonderful people. I am missing larping. Hope to return to it asap.

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