Sunday, October 20, 2013

First rough description of the game. (sans description of the setting, waiting for copywrite)

Falling Iron is a tabletop RPG; much like Dungeons and Dragons,Worlds of Darkness, Burning Wheel, Pathfinder, etc. It is meant to immerse the players in a fantasy world; even with storytelling as the emphasis,a gritty, fast paced combat- using fluid combat and magic mechanics are included in the system. The rulebook will include everything a small group of players need to play, from the step by step character creation rules, (allowing players to make a extremely customized character, or a quickly built character to play in an impromptu game with friends) A full list of skills and talents, to further customize player characters. The rules for the players are light, stream lined and fun. Falling Iron uses a d10 system unique and easy to learn dice system which allows players to have more control of their rolls than other RPG systems. The rule book will have a section for Loremasters (those that run the game) with suggestions on play style, mood, setting, encounter and experience tables,etc. A group of players and a loremaster can use the Falling Iron setting included, or the Loremaster can use the rules to create their own world filled with adventure, strange monsters, daring deeds, heroes and villains. With 11+ races, 4 major classes with 13 sub-classes, dozens of skills and talents, 11 schools of magic and more players are able to create the character they want to delve deep in ancient ruins, hunt monsters through haunted forests, to lead a rebellion against an evil tyrants, become a legend. Included are rules for combat, magic, experience, movement, travel, survival, encounters and more to allow the Loremaster the tools to create cities, kingdoms, worlds. A Bestiary completes the book, giving the Loremaster creatures and villains to challenge the party with, haunt ancient keeps, to populate cites with and armies to overcome. The game is intended for 2 or more players ages 13+

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