Sunday, October 20, 2013

Falling Iron, Worlds of Ether, The Acolyte and Schedules

So for years now I have been trying to avoid the obvious: without deadlines I get distracted by any shiny thing that crosses my path. It is not so much procrastination as much as a mix of ADD/worry of failure/and sheer lack of confidence that my ideas hold merit or validity. With that being said I am going to try to set some goals, some will be short term goals some a little farther out. List of Goals (aka demands on my self. Note: these goals are able to be surpassed, but must not be missed, to achieve a modicum of success) - at least 1 page of pencils on the Acolyte, per week (with the goal of 34 pages- working towards at least 1 finished issue) - falling skies spell list and Talents list done before November 15th, 2013 -world of Ether Retooling (version 3) finished by Feb 15th - 1 progress report of better yet Blog about something I have read/review of a movie, comic, art showing, album per week here on this blog. I have 11k+ views on this page anD still only 11 readers, doesn't seem possible. ~R

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