Friday, January 3, 2014

Falling Iron. Setting teaser. first draft.

Falling Iron is a fantasy game. The genre is as bold and varied as the imaginations of those involved. Included is a setting called Aern. "Aern is a world with both kindly and treacherous Gods, legendary Heroes, myths and legends, customs, dark empires and just kingdoms. Cataclysms and disasters have shaped this world. Wars great and small have pockmarked its history. Dark forces always just at the edge of the light, wait to overtake the world. Monsters dwell in secret lairs, with gnashing claws and champing teeth. False prophets, poisoned princes and a thousand thousand other things wait to test your mettle." The setting can be used as the standard Falling Iron game world, or as a guide with which Loremasters can create their own fantastic world of adventure for their friends to explore. Strange and fantastic landscapes of imagined worlds, or twisted versions of our own world in a time forgotten long ago, all could be host to the tales told.

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