Thursday, March 3, 2011

Berlin, Giant robots and super heroes WWII

Reference found, prelim character sketches worked out, scripting rough drafts written down- and still I am beside myself with a fear to begin. The blue line pages are sitting in the library at my house ( I know it is pretentious to have a library but hell I have the space and so-)

Perhaps it is a drawn out and long cultivated fear of having to restart after this once again. After so many false starts or the stack... the absolute fact there is a pile of pages inked and lettered that are all so much debris from this whole process. Frustration will not keep me from telling this story. I really need to press forward. Part of me needs to whip together something to get started knowing full well I will again in the future go back to bring those up to what I want them to be. The other part of me wants to do this right from the start and deal with the inherent stumbling blocks and growing pains that will be unavoidable.

Alas, I'll press on and I will keep you up to date as I move forward.

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