Sunday, February 6, 2011

To begin again and again and again, once more.

Readers- It is my intention to once and for all actually use this journal. I am going to dedicate time each week to its update and (with any luck)hopefully chronicle the
growth of the long-thought-about-redesigned-and-redesigned again comic that has been flitting around in my head for years now.

After much reconsideration and diliberation I have scrapped nearly all early story elements, added new characters, changed motivations (of both protagonists as well as the motivations of the antagonists), redesigned costumes, as well as major themes and last but not least I have retooled the original cast of characters I began all of this with years ago.

The story arch is wholly different now. The idea remains somewhat similar: a Golden age character guiding the "youth of today". The idea of an idealist trying to corral the sometimes dangerous and often un-heroic actions of a far younger team; would seem less Professor Xavier and his X-men and far more akin to a captain of a ship mid-mutiny with each of the crew self assured that they would be the best leader. Perhaps, our leader is slightly out of touch. Maybe his views- seen by the "youngsters" as tragically out of date and un-hip- but it is a story of one person trying to show someone, lost and confused, confident that they know best. A teacher reaching out to students; hardened by a harsh world. Trying to show them a light in darkness.

Yeah, a little corny I know but I feel it has that this plot and idea can have at once that "Golden age charm- mixed with the edgier Bronze age aesthetic of a dark and gloomy world hating its heroes yet the heroes press on none-the-less"

As soon as I have the characters protected so they are legally recognized as mine I will post pictures and at least the introduction scene.

here is a hint on the subject of the intro to whet your whistles:Its the 1940's. A character and his sidekick fighting the good fight, in urban Europe. Tanks roll up and down streets. Planes scream over head. Soldiers falling in the streets and our heroes are there battling a monster...

ps. (The younger character as we later learn post introduction is our main character no longer the side kick. His mentor remains in our present day tales as well. Both Retired. The sidekick looking back with nostalgia. His mentor jaded, paranoid and elderly.)

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