Sunday, September 25, 2011

The New 52, The Mighty Thor, Self publishing

New drawing table- Check! New character design sheets- check! New direction, new inspiration, new goals Check, Check, Check!

So, the past few weeks have been filled with hope and excitement over the prospect of my comic and its long overdue start. I have been reading some new material put out by the biggies (ie. Marvel, Dc, Darkhorse, etc) both new and old comics, reading blogs about self publishing comics and makes a hero, world and political history. Finding unexplained phenomena to use as starting points for various story elements.

I am going to review some of this stuff now, partially for you and partially for me.

The Legion Lost and Demon Knights (#1's) have surprised me; each in it's own way. The new 52 is a push that DC has taken to recreate their lineup, to attract new readership- Superman, Wonder woman, Batmat, Aquaman, Deadman, Hawkman, Animal man, The Demon, The legion of Superheroes, The JLA, etc all have gotten (or will be getting) newly reworked versions.

Now DC says they are going to avoid retelling origin stories but it is clear they have rethought at least a few of the main 52 titles with a few characters that had been in committed relationships; now, barely knowing their former spouses. While, other characters are dead or powerless, etc. Costumes, tried and true, are tossed aside for new redesigned "futuristic/armor like" new costumes. Certain trade paperbacks and major events have been stricken from the now revamped canon; while other things thought trivial are now shaping the world. (note: Perhaps they should call it the new 50 since 2 of the "52" are actually revolving writer/inker/penciller- type fare with one shot stories featuring heroes and characters possibly from other series- one being a cowboy western serial and the other is Dc Presents: Action Comics!)

I have read 2 titles out of the 52 (many have not been released yet, and others still, do not pique my interest at all.) The titles I have read Demon knights and The legion lost restart both are changing characters I have liked for a long while now.

Legion Lost (the graphic novel) was brilliant Coipel pencils, DnA writing- on overwhelming great story, with each issue of the 12 issue run,narrated by a different character. Each of the characters was so well written, even if you where new to the series ( As I was) you quickly "knew" them, powers, friends, foes, feelings- everything. This new start however is (IMHO) starkly barren. The artwork is not up to par of a restart of a series- the exposition hamfisted at best, characters that have supposedly known each other for years yelling to each other saying things like: "You should use your super strength "full name".While I, "full name" will use my super speed powers to do "effect"."

Sigh. Seriously? You have started these titles over to draw new readers. I tried to give them a chance. this title is a definite "skip"

Demon knight is better. The artwork, is interesting. The writing though it still has some strange segways, and exposition is not nearly as odd. The Main character Etrigan the Demon, has been summoned by Merlin to ancient England. The premise is cliche, but so far I am willing to see where it goes. I do feel the artwork could be a touch better. hopefully the penciller and inker find their own version of the character and setting.

The Mighty Thor which restarted in April and is available to issue #5 (the #6 issue comes out on Sept 28) and is in my opinion, one of the best super hero comics I have read in years. The plot is great Asgard is crashed down in the Midwest. The Asgardians are mingling with a town, filled with fear and religiously whipped up. Meanwhile Galactis figures into the story predominantly, as well as the newly reborn Loki. The scripting is amazing as are the inks and the great pencils of Coipel. The characters of Sif, Hogun, Thor, Odin, Loki, etc look great. Galactis, and the Silver surfer, the Asgardians are all sporting classic costumes (as well as futuristic space suits!)and all look terrific. I cannot stress enough- if you are a comics fan do yourself a favor and catch up on the 5 back issues. READ THIS! (to be continued)

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