Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Falling Iron Playtest progress and development

Hello all, Well it has been quite so time since I last wrote about the progress I have been making (partially due to running the playtest, work and simple forgetfulness) Since I last wrote the game has moved into the Alpha, and now the Beta tests. I have a group of 6 Players running individual characters. The Story and elements have introduced them to the setting and they are moving right along in the story. We have made some adjustments to mechanics (dual wielding weapons,a few new Talents, notes on healing, racial traits, Health and initiative.) So far the players have all voiced a positive response to the mechanics and the dice system; two integral parts of the game itself, an interest to know even more about the setting and world of Aern (the setting is woven into the game, but leaves room for the person running the game to change, add and edit as they will to make new stories in a world with hundreds of cities, villages, and sites.) The players made low level characters and have faced several combat and non-combat challenges. As the game progresses we will be bringing them through higher levels of gameplay to test the more intricate game mechanics. At the same time I have been adding, editing and reworking portions of the Loremaster guide (the handbook for the person running the game) for streamlined play and adjudication. The Monster list grows and gets more detailed each time we play; I find myself making notes and having flashes of new ideas all the time! Keep posted as the playtest advances soon I will be obtaining all the legal forms (noncompete, nondisclosure, and Copywrite) to allow me to expand the playtest to outside groups. I am hoping to be able to personally run the first session for new groups to give w asense of gameplay, mechanics, the game world and setting; answering questions and making notes. Playtest groups will be expected to fill out questionnaires regularly to help with development and will be thanked by name in the final publication of the book(s) Thanks for your interest! Ray ps. please follow my blog and suggest it to anyone that may be interested.

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