Sunday, January 4, 2015

Falling Iron Updates, Comic Book Progress and here is to a new year! Blog info as well!

Hey everyone! Another year has come to a close and a new one has begun; new and exciting things are also happening in my personal life ( I am getting married in a few months!)as well as my professional and gaming futures! Falling Iron is progressing nicely and though I have missed my initial projected target release dates of late November or early December,the play test is close at hand. With a handful of minor nit-picky detail oriented things left to tweak (finishing a "rewards and curses" system involved with character deaths and resurrections, little things like poisons and traps, etc) and with editing really just a matter of both Jacqui and I syncing up some of the work done and finishing the last few remaining parts of the book, Falling Iron is truly about to be ready for initial play-test release! With numerous classes, a dozen or more races, magic and quick to learn combat system (that the players can influence the difficult of the rolls!) I really look forward to the next step AFTER the play-test has begun- the additions to the set in the Expanded Ruleset. The Expanded Ruleset will be included with the standard rules in one volume. The expanded rules will include a few more races, more spells, more combat options, a ritual magic system for both Arcane and Divine magic,new weapons, gear and a new Magic Item section- including relics (Divine Magic origins) and artifacts (arcane Items of legend) as well two more additional settings and more! The Sage As Falling Iron progresses I have also pulled my comic, The Sage, from the back burner and begun initial stages of blocking out new pages, creating new story-lines, reworking the look of the heroes and villains of that world, researching historical photos for reference, and an effort to begin to really delve into the finalized full story arc! The characters, locations, and events have all been through so many changes over the years I have been chipping away at this project (with its false starts, my half-hearted attempts of just slogging through, the synchronicity troubles, etc) however I truly feel like I have distilled the very best version of each to bring forward a compelling story in the vein of classic Golden age era comics with a modern day twist. The initial story is set in an alternate historical London, during WWII, during the Blitz ( a horrifying time of danger and a growing darkness). A hero once more is called upon, with his sidekick The Acolyte the two fight the forces of darkness. I look forward to trying to get readership of this blog up (and with that a stronger sense of obligation, on my part, to you the reader to write more frequently and more regularly) Once Falling Iron has entered the Beta test phase I will finalize all of the copyright information (providing that here) and I will be able to discuss with more detail different aspects of the Game! Thank you for reading and if you enjoy my ramblings about Falling Iron, The Sage, comic books, board games, movies and more nerdy stuff please encourage others to join the page! The more readers the more I will write I promise!

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