Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restarting that ole engine

Dear readers,

Let me begin by saying hello, I figure you may have given up on this blog but I will attempt to make up for the lack of activity as of late (and far reaching as probably last winter)It would be disingenuous to attempt to say that my year thus far had been a boring one. It has not been. It has been a strange series of twists and uncomfortable turns. None-the-less I find myself once again faced with fall and soon a winter with which I must contend .

Once again, I feel confident that I have a story to tell. One that has more bits of my own mental/emotional/neurotic/ and perhaps even psychotic history and personality blended into it. One of heroes all too human and flawed, but at once working with classic themes derived from early comics. Like I had written long ago I want to create a mixture of an idealistic golden age/and the smutty, vice ridden Bronze age of comics. Like a mixture of Johnny Quest/Superman/Batman/early avengers and Eighties Xmen/Hellblazer/Legion of Super-Heroes.

Again with the advent of NBC's "Heroes" the story I had worked up has once again to modified, but I look at it as a challenge to a)finish asap and b) push myself to come up new and unique/strange/fun/"cool" pro/antagonists.

Let's see how I do. I believe I need to set a night that I will be up dating these blogs. Perhaps, Wedsnesday will become my write "the Progress of my Comic" night... whatd'ya think?

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