Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sorry Lads and Ladies

Sorry for the departure from the pace I was at with this blog. I really did mean to get things going a little sooner, BUT with that said, if all goes well over the next couple of days I will be working on this as well as my comic far more often. There are big surprises on the horizon. And as soon as I can say I will.

As for the comic I reworked a few details that have not been revealed as of yet in the story so far. (many ideas are too close to major media Heroes, Push etc.)I am happy with these changes as they have caused the story to go in its own direction, and it is now more coplex and diverse. The characters added have been more multifaceted and the ones taken away far too terrestrial, too bland.

The story is growing and becoming a richer version of my original vision, and I hope through a series of rewrites I can fine tune it to exactly what I want before starting the pencils again.

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