Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Oh my god, I just realized something
Current mood: midget animals?

I just realized out of the blue something about Gilligan's Island, that until now had never dawned on me- what I realized is this:

( I have heard many many comedians ask) Why the professor was unable to get the castaways off of the island? (obviously he did in the series finale, only to end up on it again.)

Today I figured it out, randomly just walking down the street. He was biding his time. Hear me out- Sooner or later (in all likely-hood) one of the girls, Ginger or Maryanne are going to seek the company of a man on the island. (I know that there is a possiblity of them seeking each other out as well, this would also be acceptable in my version of the professor's plan) He planned to be the one. I mean really what are they going to do go for the funny but awkward quasi-"teen" Gilligan? All clumsy and gawky? No.

Or the Skipper? Hell the guy looked like he smelled of cheap sour mash. He is responsible for crashing them on the island in the first place.

And what about Thurston Howell III? Um gross. And he already had "Lovey" (aka Mrs. Howell).

So there you have it. That only leaves the slightly older, smooth well educated guy. He knew it. It was only a matter of time. If only that show was filmed now.

Damn he was even smarter than I thought

Ps. Also has anyone ever seen a midget animal? I don't mean a runt I mean a midget?

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