Thursday, December 14, 2017


So as of today the Player's guide for FALLING IRON roleplaying game is complete save for cosmetic changes, and is still lacking its final graphic design and print formatting. The final version of the ruleset is one which I am proud and champing at the bit to share and show. Playtesters have sat at the table, I have used those things suggested to reshape rules, or find a better way to accomplish the intent of the rule. The only (somewhat) complex thing remaining for the completion of the Loremaster's guide is a reformatting of the Bestiary entries. All of the stat blocks are complete, but for clarity I have reworked how information is presented for the Loremaster. The Loremaster's guide had to be pared down as some of the rules presented were simply duplications of rules already described in the PG. Where ever this happened, I included an explanation of the intent of the rule- and/or questions which the Loremaster can ask themselves to be sure they are ruling within the parameters of said rule. It should be note and I include a special thanks to my wife Jacqui; without whom none of this (and more) would be possible. In both my career and in life she is a constant. My confidant, my cheerleader, and the person I whom understands me better than anyone ever has. She had nursed me back to health; stood by me though a heart attack and the fallout from that; pushing me harder- making grasp at every inch. She is part of my drive and for that she deserves thanks and adulation. Thanks, Baby. As my birthday quickly approaches I will post a year in review. This year began rough, got better; hitting a rough patch as of late- however with determination I am overcoming the problems. Recognize your faults and do something to correct course. Seriously. I will also be posting a review (without spoilers)tomorrow. may the force be with you.

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