Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A long and odd Year: FALLING IRON UPDATE

So. I haven't written on this Blog in a very long while. I would love to say I will jump back in and I will become a regular contributor to the "blogosphere" but we all know that is unlikely. I will do what I often think about when looking at the tab for this page at the top of my web browser. An update. On the game and life. Well, we will start with the largest change and update- in April (2017) I had a second heart attack. It was major but I did no permanent damage. It has reset alot of plans and ideas I had for my life. I am doing better now, though my thoughts can ften be morbid, and now that I no longer work in tattooing I am often alone. That is a good and a bad thing. Loads of time to work on FALLING IRON, not much personal contact. FALLING IRON is nearing completion after many years. I am presently working on final edits. The final play-test has warranted a few final tweaks; but overall the game is about 98% complete. Once the edits are finalized a professional proofreader is ready to take care of the book, then it is onto Graphic design and illustration. I have 45+ illustrations already complete, but I am going to add a few illustrations from other artists to round out the design, for a total of about 65-80 illustrations (cost dependent) As the kickstarter draws closer I am going to being trying to do more on here. Trying. thanks.

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