Thursday, May 15, 2014

A geek with $15.00 walks out of a Comic store with nothing

First things,first: Progress on falling iron marches onward. The last few steps before beta playtesting can be readied (materials printed, groups signed up and ready to play) is finishing the descriptions of the last dozen spells and the descriptions of the talents, and to make quick start characters (gear, beginning stats etc). After the beta I am going to be reaching out to artists to work on the project, with me. So, soon my friends. Soon. Okay onto the reason for the title of this entry. I walked into a comic store today. A massive one. It is one of the largest in the region. The amount of titles is mind boggling. Yet, as I stood there looking at these titles, hopeful to find a new title, or a long running one to perhaps begin a subscription for something new, exciting, well written and well drawn. I did not find anything that fits that. I found the art lacking on nearly every title, save for a few standouts, such as Thor (they started off strong, but after the first 6 issue arc the art and writing fell short) Tom Strong, well written and amazing artwork abounds.) Titles like Moon Knight look horrible, as do the new Spiderman title and Wolverine. The art work is HORRIBLE. I mean I believe in a variety is good for comics, but the art in these titles is so poor that it is hard to get into the story. Have we passed through an age of great stories and great art? It seems so. I am willing to take suggestions; but as a lifetime comic-book geek, walking out of the store, I felt sad.

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